Wednesday, February 20, 2013

EURUSD Strengthened Retail Sales Data Amid A Weak U.S.

EURUSD Menguat Paska Data Retail Sales AS Yang Lemah


EURUSD continues its rise in Pairing Wednesday beyond the range of trading, even test the 1.3400 level after it was reported the growth of resistant 1.3500 retail sales slowed to us 0.1% in January, down from the 0.5% during the month of December.

Components of the retail sales outside the automotive and fuel sales, the level of consumer spending rose only 0.2% below the estimate of 0.4% and lower than the 0.7% previously. These Data indicate that u.s. consumers reduced spending after the holiday season as a result of the wage tax increase of 2%.

Reports the u.s. economy is still weak, it's also the reason supporters for the Federal Reserve to maintain its monetary policy might result in selonggar and positive for the EURUSD pair, because in the same time eurozone economic data showed improvement after a reported increase in the industrial production data. In addition investors sentiment on the single currency is increasingly positive following the G7 statement that those countries not participating in the competition of the devaluation of the currency.

Pair EURUSD so far observed strengthened 0.13% in level 1.3474, after reaching its highest point at the lowest level of his daily 1.3519 and at 1.3438. In intraday bias remains bullish technical, at least the target area in the short term, 1.3540 before his bullish target in the target range of 1.3630. On the side, the nearest support at 1.3420 area looks – 1.3435, plummeted again below the area can add to the bearish pressure to target areas of 1.3360.


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Title Post: EURUSD Strengthened Retail Sales Data Amid A Weak U.S.
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