Thursday, February 14, 2013

Buy NYMEX Oil Action Begins To Fade

Aksi Beli Minyak NYMEX Mulai Memudar

Monexnews-The Investment Fund Manager and investors slashed their purchasing commodity positions in NYMEX crude oil contracts and options as much as 1.8% when the price plummeted from a high of 20 weekend, weeks yesterday. Data from the CFTC's action showed a total of 212,226 contracts to buy at the end of the week ending on February 5, after an estimated that the price will creep up.

The contract for March fell 1.3% or about $ 1.30 in the period and the investment fund manager seems to still see the price will move when prices drop bearish continues to as much as 1 percent to low 2 weeks since the report was released.


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Title Post: Buy NYMEX Oil Action Begins To Fade
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