Thursday, February 28, 2013

Oil Surged, Driven By The Rise In Us Equities

Minyak Melonjak, Terdorong Oleh Naiknya Ekuitas AS

Monexnews-the price of oil rose on Tuesday as the buying action tarder amid a rally on U.S. stock exchanges, though still bermasalahnya pipelines in the u.s. and concerns over European economy threatened to overload the oil market.

"Oil traders see skyrocketing equity and decided to buy oil as well," said Tim Evans, analyst at Citi Futures in New York. " Some people may think that oil demand driven by the equity relinya. But perhaps the correlation is not based on the trade flow analysis in the oil market. "

U.S. oil futures rose although operators who produce oil barrels per day 400.00 from Seaway pipeline say that their path is not able to reach full capacity in the future, so that the potential occurrence of a surplus in crude oil AS in the Midwest.


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Title Post: Oil Surged, Driven By The Rise In Us Equities
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