Wednesday, February 27, 2013

China's Central Bank Pull The Liquidity Of The Banking System

Bank Sentral China Tarik Likuiditas Dari Sistem Perbankan


Chinese authorities took the first steps to reduce the potential for inflationary pressures on Tuesday by using a mechanism to withdraw cash from the banking system after the last 8 months pumping liquidity.

Before the flood of funds committed to reduce borrowing costs for a variety of business and the economy suffered a slowdown last year, but some of the latest data showed that the pace of growth has been rising particularly House prices and food.

PBoC reported to attract 30 billion Yuan or the equivalent of $ 4.81 billion using repos. The withdrawal is also triggered by a rise in the rate of capital flows into China and inflation anxiety.

China's consumer price index in the month of February, reported a 2% rise over the previous year, although the rate of increase is slowing down a little bit compared to 1.6% in December, but many economists began to depart mengekspektasikan inflation will rise as China's economic recovery and the price of raw materials globally remains in high levels.


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Title Post: China's Central Bank Pull The Liquidity Of The Banking System
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