Monday, February 18, 2013

The US Dollar Strengthened in the Middle Of the G-7 Issues

Dollar AS Menguat Ditengah Isu Dari G-7

Monexnews-the U.s. Dollar rose against the yen and other currencies of Japan on Monday following a report that the countries of the G-7 is considering whether to issue a statement to avoid a global currency war.

Tension in the currency market has been rising lately following an attempt of the Government of Japan to prop up the economy and want to end deflation. Officials in Japan said they were not manipulating the yen, however, their efforts resulted in a weakening of the currency sharply in Japan, which makes Japan's exports more competitive in a foreign country.

Two officials from the G-20 said on Reuters that the statement from the G-7 reaffirms their commitment to ensure the value of the currency, which is likely to be released ahead of the meeting of G-20 finance ministers and central bankers in Moscow on Friday.


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Title Post: The US Dollar Strengthened in the Middle Of the G-7 Issues
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