Monday, February 25, 2013

Current Account Surplus-Zone Euro Reduced

Surplus Current Account Zona-Euro Berkurang

Monexnews-Increasing the flow of capital out of the euro-zone managed to reduce current account surpluses at the end of the year 2012. Current account Surplus-euro zone reached only € 13.9 billion for the month of December; lower than the predicted € 15.3 billion and the revised publication November € 15.9 billion. Current account (current balance) is one indication of how large the funding needs to be externally a region.

Surplus trade balance continued to increase and this is certainly good news for the euro slumped in the abyss of recession. However, there are indications of changes to capital flow trends. There is a flow of funds out of a euro-zone as much as € 20 billion in the month of December 2012; worse than the publication of November that records the incoming flow of funds amounting to € 30 billion.

Meanwhile, the euro looks to gain momentum in the continuing difficulties the session in London. EUR/USD is traded now, try to stay away from 1.3341 high level daily 1.3378 (fr)

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