Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Comment Draghi Cornered Euro

Komentar Draghi Memojokkan Euro

Monexnews-the Euro plunged against the U.s. Dollar after European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said that the appreciation of the single currency has added to the risk of slowing inflation and threaten economic prospects of the eurozone. But the decline of the Euro still appears to be limited as traders tend to buy on dips, especially against the Yen, which weakened broadly.

Monday's trading also took place with thin volume due to the closing of the u.s. market to commemorate ' President Day '.

"Draghi has derailed the Euro Comment, though, on the other hand it provides a better level of buying," said Jeremy Stretch, a currency strategy Chief at CIBC. "Buy on dips in the Euro is still on the rise, given reasoned Euro/Yen after the G20 Summit that appears to give the green light to its member countries to weaken their currencies." (vid)

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Title Post: Comment Draghi Cornered Euro
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