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ABI urges political consensus on flood coverage

7 February 2013 |By Newsdesk

Nick Starling tells labor flood Summit that floods the largest natural threat of Great Britain is

The ABI has called for cross-border political party support in his effort to come to a solution on flood cover.

ABI's Director of General Insurance Nick Starling told a Labour Party flood top this morning that flooding the biggest natural threat to the United Kingdom.

He noted that 2012 was the wettest on record in England and only just under the wettest ever recorded in the United Kingdom.

His comments comes at a time when talks between the ABI and the Government on a solution for the existing statement of principles flood agreement, which expires at the end of June, drags on.

Starling said: "insurers know the traumatic and devastating effects of flooding, by helping their customers recover after a flood.

"Political commitment in the important area of investment in flood defences, sensible planning decisions and work in partnership with the insurance industry will ensure that flood-risk Communities the protection and peace of mind they need."

He added: "flooding is the biggest natural threat to the United Kingdom and the risk increases, so that the political consensus about how we actually fit is essential."

Overview of the most important areas where cross-border party agreement is needed, he urged:

Strict planning device to prevent the developments in the high flood risk areasSustained, prolonged flooding defence spending that keeps pace with the threat, focusing on those areas of greatest needRecognition that remain only large scale flood insurance affordable and available with a form of Government support can continue, as happens in other countries

On this last point, he added the ABI and the Government is still in negotiations on an arrangement that sure that this concerns.

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