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VP distribution raskin asked addressed

A number of fuel price hike compensation workers haul impoverished rice (raskin) at one of the warehouses of Bulog Subdrive, Indramayu, West Java, Tuesday (7/4). to anticipate inflation against the fuel price hike, the Government plans to compensate by increasing the number of ration raskin from Rp 17,197 trillion to Rp 22.5 billion. (Photo Of/Dedhez Miroslav) ()

I know there is a node that does not correspond to the plan, such as the price to be paid by the beneficiaries, "
Jakarta (The Car Insurance Info)-Vice President Boediono said the distribution of rice to the poor or the poor program need to be addressed as a form of compensation if later there is a price adjustment of fuel oil.

"I know there is a node that does not correspond to the plan, such as the price to be paid by the beneficiaries," he said when delivering a speech closing down Deliberations national development planning (Musrenbangnas) in Jakarta on Tuesday.

Present in the closing Musrenbangnas a second United Indonesia Cabinet Ministers, Governors, Regents and mayors from all regions in Indonesia.

According to the Vice President, one of the rights that need to be fixed urgently when fuel price adjustments, one of which is to provide compensation to communities in need.

"The targets must be sharpened and raskin recipients increased in volume and issue in the field needs to be fixed," said Boediono.

Vice President ask that local governments immediately improve the distribution system and the price for sale to beneficiaries in accordance with the established Government.

While Director Sutarto Alimoeso Perum Bulog said it is ready to increase the number of supply of rice to poor pascakenaikan the price of subsidized fuel.

"We are ready to add any amount required because rice stocks are enough to Bulog," he said while attending the annual event.

According to Sutarto, the number of citizens reached raskin received 15 pounds per family, can meet the 30-40 percent of food needs for the recipient.

When the number of raskin raised to 30 kilograms, can meet up to 60-70 percent of food needs.

The number of poor program transmitted per month reached about 230,000 tons.

Sutarto said, as of April 30, 2013 Bulog rice stocks reached more than 2.5 million tons, or enough for up to 10 months.

"The bottom line, Bulog is ready to raise the allocation of raskin if needed. If FUEL goes up surely raskin definitely plus. So if the allocation of raskin to be raised because of the impact of the fuel price hike, Bulog does not matter, "he said.

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