Monday, April 1, 2013

Euro Ready Make 1.2900/1.3000 as the object of Consolidation

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Euro Siap Jadikan 1.2900/1.3000 Sebagai Tumpuan Konsolidasi

Monexnews-during the early middle ages this March the Euro traded barely touched the 1.3000 area between the movement to 1.2960 1.3100. But entering the second half of March, the Euro back down one level to 1.2900, where trade is still walking distance from the movement of the previous day.

Entering today's session, the Euro seems still able to move up from his fall at 1.2880 to back above 1.2900 traded at 1.2940 figures, but the momentum seems to be bullish is still not strong enough, so it looks like the Euro is going back to meet support level at 1.2870, where overall, the Euro will still be hit by ongoing bearish pressure and may be ready to test in a few sessions 1.2660, fore, said Sean Lee of FXWW. He hopes there will be action to sell the Euro today menjelan the weekend will be filled with a lot of the news agenda.


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Title Post: Euro Ready Make 1.2900/1.3000 as the object of Consolidation
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