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RSA sign fifth bilateral agreement

21 March 2013 |By Newsdesk

Insurer agrees to treat it with mutual

RSA has a bilateral agreement with NFU Mutual aimed at speeding up the payments and removing unnecessary costs for motor claims.

The agreement is the fifth that RSA has signed in nine months after previous arrangements with cooperative insurance, Groupama and LV =.

The move follows RSA's victory in the High Court last year on subrogated engine repair costs. Rival insurers Allianz and Provident (now Covea insurance) had challenged the legality of the RSA use of schemes to charge for Add-ons for not-to-debt repair customers, but it was dismissed in court.

After the lawsuit, RSA signaled its intention to sign bilateral agreements with competitors.

RSA Director claims in respect of the United Kingdom and Western Europe David Pitt said: "We are pleased that another industry bilateral agreement, who have signed our fifth in nine months. We are excited for the industry to see the advantage of these offers and remain open to discussions with other insurance companies. "

NFU Mutual chief claims Manager Matthew Scott said: "as a mutual insurer, we are always committed to business practices that achieve fair results. We are happy to have signed a bilateral agreement with RSA strengthens this clarity and openness in the way claims are settled and delivers a better result for our members. "

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