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CPP Xchanging appoints for continuity business solutions

21 March 2013 |By Newsdesk

Outsourcing firm risk management strategies with phone insurance specialists

Technology services outsourcing company has been named by Xchanging Insurance Homecare, part of the mobile phone insurance specialists CPP group, to business continuity and recovery solutions for the infrastructure.

The three-year agreement will provide Homecare disaster data recovery solutions to ensure that a standalone power as part of its approach to risk management, prevention and recovery.

Xchanging head of selling insurance Mike Reynolds said: "We are pleased to work with the team Homecare and look forward to our partnerships with them, drawing on our important insurance and technology expertise to support them in achieving their business strategy."

General Manager homecare Claire Sirett said: "We are delighted to work with Xchanging to support us in our risk management planning. Our main objective is to deliver a solution that makes it possible to support clients any event should affect our activities if we improve our operational efficiency and manage, predict and identify risk areas for our company. "

In February confirmed CPP that RBS was non-renewal of its mobile phone insurance contract with the company, which has more than 2.5 million contracts at its peak.

Last year, CPP was fined £ 10.5 m by the FSA for misleading card protection policy. The company expects to pay out more than £ 14.5 m in compensation for affected customers.

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