Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sale of Indofood first quarter grew 5.4 percent

Jakarta (The Car Insurance Info)- Affluent Tbk PT Indofood Success achieved consolidated net sales of the first quarter of this year was Rp12,86 trillion, up 8.7 percent from the same period last year, which amounted to Rp11,83 trillion.

"In terms of contribution to the consolidated Group sales neto, Branded consumer products (CBP) contributes about 45 percent, while Production, agribusiness and the distribution of each contributing $ 26 percent, 21 percent and 8 percent," said President and CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER of Indofood Anthoni Salim in the affidavits here on Tuesday.

According to him, the total sales value of the CBP Group mainly consists of instant noodle Division, Dairy, snacks, Food Flavoring and nutrients to grow special food & 10.9 percent driven mainly by sales volume growth in all divisions in the group.

The Group noted the increase in the total value of Production sales by 13.3 per cent mainly due to the increase in average selling prices and sales volume.

Although the sales volume of CPO and sugar increases, the Group noted the decrease in the total value of Agribusiness sales by 3.1 percent due to a decline in the average selling price of oil palm and rubber products as well as a decline in sales of oil products and vegetable fats.

Distribution group recorded growth in the total value of sales by 10.4 percent mainly because of an increase in Group sales of CBP.

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Title Post: Sale of Indofood first quarter grew 5.4 percent
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