Monday, April 1, 2013

Economic Data Immobilizes & Cyprus Euro

Data Ekonomi & Cyprus Melumpuhkan Euro

Monexnews-the Euro weakened around the bursa turned over increasing evidence of the economic slowdown and worries about the banking collapse of Cyprus. The results of the business survey released Thursday indicates a contraction in the eurozone economy is increasingly deep in March, with most investors worry about slowing growth in Germany. While the European Central Bank gave Cyprus a deadline until Monday to increase funding of € 5.8 billion as a condition the disbursement of bailout.

"Uncertainty will be the fate of Cyprus and Euro zone economic data that disappoint have become key issues, 2 factors that be a reason not to buy the Euro at the moment," said Greg Moore, a currency analyst at TD Securities in Toronto. (vid)

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Title Post: Economic Data Immobilizes & Cyprus Euro
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