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Distractions driver accelerated when cell phones became popular. People were talking while driving. Then text messaging while driving became an issue and many states have outlawed as a result. AUTO INSURANCE. Now, cell phones have become "smart phones" and a new driver distracted by. Using the smartphone applications while driving - called "apping" - is leading to accidents and near collisions.

One of every four American drivers support the use of smartphone applications while driving, and four in ten drivers say they have been hit or almost hit by distracted drivers on their cell phones, according to a June survey by Harris Interactive for Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. CAR INSURANCE companies have been keeping a close eye on the statistics relating to cell phone and smart phone use while driving.

As the number of cell phone features and applications multiply, consumers have more options for multi-tasking. Unfortunately, many choose to do behind the wheel. PROGRESSIVE AUTO INSURANCE

Most drivers use their smartphones to access the GPS, send and receive email, browse the Internet and read and send messages on Facebook and Twitter, the survey found.

Do not tweet and drive

A fear of 3 percent of drivers say they watch television, play games of two percent and 2 "tweet" percent while driving. PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE

"There is no message or tweet is so important that it is worth losing life," said Bill Windsor, Nationwide associate vice president for consumer safety, in a statement announcing the survey results.

Other devices may also distract. About four in 10 drivers have built-in technology in their vehicles, such as DVD players, GPS Music Search and Internet access. Of these, 91 percent of drivers use GPS, 85 percent use the video monitor / DVD, 82 percent use the music search function and 68 percent of the usability of the phone.

If you get in an at-fault accident - whether or not caused by the use of a smart phone while driving - your car insurance rates may increase.

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